Our Approach

Neither Google nor Youtube can replace a noble teacher

We believe the main role of a teacher is to inculcate character in the heart of a child.To create the best human being is the purpose we have chosen.

Our Approach

  • Implanting values are given first priority. Teachers set up role models where students are inspired to follow their footsteps.
  • Every part of teaching is child centric.
  • Teachers undergo various training’s to update themselves with latest teaching techniques and technologies to provide the students a complete learning experience.
  • Higher order thinking skills are given more importance where students apply their learning to daily life.
  • A balanced development on both scholastic and extra curricular activities.

Remedial Classes for Slow Learners

“If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn…..”

The Learning Support Program provides support to students who have been identified with learning disabilities, learning disorders or those who are low achievers.

The remedial classes focus on reinforcing concepts, developing language skills (reading and writing), memory skills, mathematical concepts, study skills, science concepts and organizational skills.

Students are regularly counselled, motivated and encouraged to perform better

Remedial teachers often use different strategies and techniques, keeping in mind both the student’s strengths and weaknesses

Considerable attention is paid to the child’s overall development and progress.

It is the school’s aim to fully integrate each child into full school life and to develop the child’s self esteem in the classroom and through school activities.

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