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Sri Ramakrishna Central School (CBSE)

Sri Ramakrishna Central School (SRCS) is a day school which is located in Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science Campus, Avarampalayam, Coimbatore. SRCS is run by SNR SONS CHARITABLE TRUST which is a well known organization providing medical and education services since 1970 at Coimbatore...

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I feel privileged to assume office as the Principal of Sri Ramakrishna Central School (SRCS). In SRCS we strive to inspire the children through holistic education. The development of mind, body, and soul is essential in up-bring of children. The evolvement of a child must have a balanced approach between academics and co-curricular along with training in personality and leadership development. One should learn to be an integral part of the community and at SRCS we encourage it in all children under our care.

Developing a sound mind in a sound body is the art of education. We need balanced, patriotic and enlightened women and men for the future. Only through holistic development one can achieve a sound mind and a healthy body.

I am sure that our team will leave no stone unturned to give the best for your child during his/her journey with us. Our children will be trained to be global citizens and in this angle, SRCS is much blessed. As the tides of education change, we intend to see SRCS march along into the sands of time as happy children are trained in their pursuit of excellence through our pioneering education model.

K.Rupesh Kumar Principal
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In Ramakrishna we commit to cultivateInnovative mind, Passionate soul and Ethical spirit


Ramakrishna believes that the talented, hard-working and ethical generation can generate a vivid future. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life. Hands-on opportunities are what we're all about.



We provide platform to develop the maximum possible skills in every child



Consistency is the prime quality that describes us differently from others



Finding the way is others fashion. Creating the way is our fashion



A strong mind and a sound spirit are the contributions we offer to the nation

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