Every Child Is Unique


SRCS believes that every child is capable in different areas of education. To identify and nurture the hidden potentials of every student we follow CBSE curriculum in our school. CBSE educational material and teaching methodology is conducive to the national interests of the country. CBSE is a lot more student-friendly than State boards. Its course structure is designed to ensure that students do not face a lot of pressure and books are made more interactive. Also, lot of activities are included in between the chapters to make the learning joyful.

  • In SRCS every classroom is equipped with interactive smart boards with touch screen/LED televisions to provide the students a live experiential learning.
  • Group and individual projects impart creativity in the learners.
  • Worksheets and assignments open up the mind of the students for an extra learning.
  • Seminars help the students to get rid of stage fear and effective communication.
  • Science lab and computer lab promotes practical learning.
  • Our library provides a calm environment where the students can upload the books without any hindrance.
  • We conduct 2 term exams and 4 periodical tests under strict supervision.
  • Periodical parents-teachers meetings provide a platform to share the marks and remedial measures.


We lay a solid foundation in the hearts and minds of our kindergarten children through development of social, emotional and spiritual skills. Cognitive growth is encouraged through theme based learning.

List of subjects from grade I to grade VIII


I to IIEnglish, Mathematics, E.V.S, Language – II (Tamil / Hindi)
III to VEnglish, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Language – II (Tamil / Hindi)
VI to VIIIEnglish, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography , Language – II (Tamil / Hindi ) Language – III (Tamil / Hindi))
IX & XEnglish, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Second Language (Hindi/Tamil) and Information Technology.
XI – Science StreamGroup 1 – English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
Group 2 – English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science.
Group 3 – English Core, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
XI – Commerce StreamGroup 1 – English Core, Accountancy, B.Studies, Economics, Mathematics.
Group 2 – English Core, Accountancy, B.Studies, Economics, Allied Mathematics.
Group 3 – English Core, Accountancy, B.Studies, Economics, Computer Science.

Admission Process

  • Parents those who wish to get admission in SRCS can get the application form from the school office
  • Applications can also be collected from the School office in person on all working days from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Submit the duly filled in Application form along with the necessary documents
  • Appear for the admission test or personal interview as required for your ward
  • On grant of admission, complete the admission formalities by submitting prescribed documents and payment of the Term fee
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